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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about the society, or the competitions, or how to enter. Hopefully this page will answer these questions, and if not, a link is provided at the bottom left of each page to ask the administration staff any questions you may have.

What is the purpose of the competitions?
The competitions aim to create a platform for young (and aged) performers to showcase their talent to the public in a competitive, yet friendly environment. The society aims to aid the development of young performers by giving them a platform to aim and prepare for.

Who runs the competitions?
The Southland Competitions Society is the body which runs the competitions. This society is a not-for-profit organisation made primarily up of volunteers wishing to be involved in the competitions. The society is a completely independent body and relies on the support of competitors, volunteers and local organisations to be a continuing success.

What 'competitions' events are covered?
The competitions cover various arts; Instrumental, Vocal, Speech and Drama, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Tap Dancing and Highland & National Dancing and Irish Dancing.

How often are the competitions run?
In the third weekend of every August and every September during the School Holidays the competitions run. Events begin on the Friday evening of the last day of the school term and end on the Monday.

What does it cost to enter the competitions?
To enable the competitions to be financially viable, fees must be set for entrants. The society aims to keep these to a minimum to allow as many competitors and families to enter as possible. The pricing structure for the competitions can be found on the current entry form.

Where are the competitions run?
The competitions are held in Central Invercargill at a number of venues.These are the Civic Theatre, Centrestage Theatre, Lindisfarne Methodist Community Centre and St John's Girls School hall, amongst other venues. For more information on these venues please view our venues page.

Who adjudicates the competitions?
Each year adjudicators from around the country are approached to adjudicate the competitions. This year's adjudicators are listed in the syllabus.

Are there any conditions of entry to the competitions?
The competitions are governed by terms and conditions of entry. These ensure that everyone is on a fair playing-field and all performers are treated the same. To view these conditions, please refer to the current year's syllabus.

Are the competitions open to the public?
Provided you fit into the age categories and adhere to the Conditions of Entry (for example you cannot be a professional performer) you may enter into the competitions. If you have any queries on the conditions please contact our administration staff through the link at the bottom left of each page.

How do I enter the competitions?
You can download the current entry form directly from the website.

What classes can I enter in?
You may enter any class you wish provided you adhere to the Conditions of Entry and fit into the age group specified for that class.

Where can I get results to the competitions?
Results are available at the competitions and are shared on our Facebook page

I'm interested in supporting the competitions, how can I do so?
The Society is always looking for sponsors, and support in regards to financial and hands-on activities. If you are interested in helping the competitions please contact our administration staff through the links on the bottom left of each page.
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