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From the information we have been able to access, it is believed a society was formed in 1910 for the purpose of running an annual festival of competitions for the performing arts.

On the 26th February 1947, Southland Competition Society Inc was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. On the 28th April 1992 it changed its name to Southland Competitions Society Incorporated, and remains so to this day.

The purpose of the Society is to provide an annual festival as a forum for young people to perform in their chosen art(s) at various venues throughout the city of Invercargill. They compete with their peers before Adjudicators brought to Invercargill from around the country. The competitions have provided a platform for young people to share their talents and gain experience in public performance. The confidence gained is something that carries over into all areas of life.

The Society is affiliated to the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand Inc (PACANZ©). Its Patrons are Trevor Young and Sir William Southgate. Over a two-year period, there is an opportunity for all of the Arts (except Irish Dancing) to send a young person to the Young Performer of the Year Awards run by PACANZ©. One year, the Arts of Speech & Drama, Modern Dance, Highland & National Dancing and Orchestral Instrument are covered. The next year, Ballet, Pianoforte, Tap Dancing and Vocal are covered.

Whilst most of the entrants are of school age, there are also Open events and a separate competition for Senior Vocalists from 18 to 100+!

The Festival is usually held in the third weekend of every August and from the Friday evening of the day the September school holidays begin.

From a spectator's point of view, many people see the competitions as something only interesting to "the parents or grandparents of the competitors" Nothing could be further from the truth as all Sessions are programmed for a variety of ages. The talent is endless and exciting!
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